Tear trough

Who is this treatment suitable for?
Tear Trough treatment involves fillers injected underneath the eye known as the trough area. The filler decreases the hollowness of the trough area. This treatment is designed for patients suffering from: dark circles, sunken eyes and tired looking eyes.

At Beauty Behind Lines Clinics we use a cannula technique. Dermal filler is injected directly into the tear trough region using an extremely thin tube called a microcannula. This is inserted around the cheekbone area so that the dermal filler can be injected into specific target zones in the delicate trough region under the eye. Once injected, the filler works by drawing in water from the body, filling in hollow sunken pits under the eye and reducing the dark circles.
Our clients experience a minimal discomfort
The cannula treatment available at Beauty Behind Lines is generally pain-free with less chance of bruising
A numbing cream is applied 10 minutes before procedure
Our dermal fillers are combined with a numbing agent to help further reduce any discomfort if any
Recovery down time is very little if any

How long does it take for the treatment to work and how long does it last?
Treatment takes around 15-20 minutes to perform
Results can be seen immediately
Treatment lasts between 9-12 months

Is it safe?
This treatment is carried out by our highly experienced aesthetic practitioner
The cannula technique used is much safer especially around the sensitive eye region.

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Botox Birmingham, Lip fillers Birmingham, Anti-wrinkle treatment Birmingham