Lip augmentation

What is Lip Augmentation?
As we age our lips start to lose collagen and fat causing them to lose their plumpness and can make us look a lot older than we are.
Lip Augmentation is a non-surgical procedure, also referred to as lip enhancement, that aims to improve the appearance of your lips by adding: Shape, Structure and Volume.

What does the treatment involve?
The dermal fillers used for lips contain Hyaluronic Acid. These are injected at various sites of the lip to get the desired effect. The most common filler we use for the lips is Juvederm Ultra 2.

Is it painful?
During treatment you may feel a little discomfort. This is significantly reduced by:
The fillers we use for lips contain a numbing agent lidocaine, which helps numb the area
A numbing cream is also applied 15-20 minutes prior to treatment
The technique used by our advanced aesthetic practitioner

How long does it take for the treatment to work and how long does it last?
The procedure takes 15-20 minutes
Results are noticeable immediately
There are several factors affecting the duration of fillers in each clientele such as; sunlight exposure, heat and smoking. Hence, treatment duration can range from 4-12 months. Generally you can expect it to last around 6 months

Are lip fillers safe?
At Beauty Behind Lines all treatments are performed by Harley Street trained and experienced aesthetic practitioners who take a full medical history of the client as well as taking before and after pictures.

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