Cheek augmentation

What is cheek augmentation/ contouring?
This treatment is designed to enhance our cheeks and is carried out by using a dermal filler treatment, which helps define the cheek and cheekbone area.
Over the last few years, Cheek Augmentation has become popular amongst both men and women. It gives the appearance of more chiselled cheekbones and sharp edges in men. In women, our clients are using less makeup to contour palettes and is far cheaper and less invasive than surgical Cheek Augmentation.

Many of our clients tend to combine this treatment with Jawline and Chin contouring as both treatments complement each other, creating a fully finished balanced appearance.

How long does it take for the treatment to work and how long does it last?
Treatment takes about 30 minutes
Results can be seen immediately with light swelling which settles within a few days
Can last up to 12-18 months depending on the individual

Is it painful?
Minimum discomfort experienced by clientele
A numbing cream is applied to cheeks 20 minutes prior to treatment
Dermal fillers used also contain a numbing agent
Cheeks will feel tender 3-5 days post treatment
Any mild bruising generally resolves after one week
Most patients are surprised to see that the procedure was relatively pain-free

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Botox Birmingham, Lip fillers Birmingham, Anti-wrinkle treatment Birmingham